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All Giappichelli resources for students:

books and e-books for navigable university exams by subjects, supplementary study materials and training courses.

Tools and services for University Professors:

the extensive Giappichelli catalog, all the news, the department series, the magazines, how to request an essay and how to write with us.

The Giappichelli offer dedicated to professionals:

books and e-books, specialized sector magazines, dedicated editorial services, training courses, how and who to contact to publish with Giappichelli.

Services dedicated to libraries:

the browsable catalog of books published by month, the Digital Library for online consultation of books, magazines.


At the service of libraries

Giappichelli addresses Libraries with IT services and platforms aimed at making books available in digital format and informing about books that are regularly published.


Updates, news lists, the monthly catalog of Giappichelli publications and much more directly to your email.

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Browse Giappichelli's books thorough a unique online platform created to allow libraries accessing the entire legal and economic catalog.

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The Giappichelli series and treatises sorted alphabetically to discover the publications of each collection.

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Our journals can be read in a digital format or can be requested in paper format. Select the subjects of your interest and choose the offer that best fits your needs.

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Did you know that..

Italian and foreign libraries can directly sign agreements with Giappichelli for series or treatises in order to directly receive copies of new publications.

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