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All Giappichelli resources for students:

books and e-books for navigable university exams by subjects, supplementary study materials and training courses.

Tools and services for University Professors:

the extensive Giappichelli catalog, all the news, the department series, the magazines, how to request an essay and how to write with us.

The Giappichelli offer dedicated to professionals:

books and e-books, specialized sector magazines, dedicated editorial services, training courses, how and who to contact to publish with Giappichelli.

Services dedicated to libraries:

the browsable catalog of books published by month, the Digital Library for online consultation of books, magazines.



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Alongside the Student

Educational material: printed texts, eBooks, exercises and online insights.

Coaching to support the university career with a simple and effective study method.

Social pages: information on editorial news, insights on study topics and food for thought in the fields of law, economics and political science.

Customer Service: all kinds of direct information on product availability and sales channels, via email, telephone, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Booking of texts on the site and priority shipping.

At the service of the Professor

Publishing educational works in the fields of law, economics and political science

Scientific publications for academic competitions and outreach

Publication in original language co-edited with prestigious international publishing groups

Participation in national conferences of related associations with display of adherent texts. Click here to find out about upcoming events.

Nationwide publishing network with dedicated area consultants.

Promotion of texts throughout Italy and on major multistore e-commerce sites.

Scientific research materials: books, eBooks, journals available from regular channels and on digital scientific platforms (Scopus, Ebsco, Proquest, etc.)

Support for the Professionals

Professional work publications aimed at lawyers, magistrates, notaries, and accountants.

Publications of in-depth legal works and legal culture.

Professional training materials: books, eBooks, journals, databases, web portals, training courses.

Nationwide sales network and presence on major multi-store e-commerce sites.

Organisation of events to promote published texts

Training courses for attorneys accredited by Cassa Nazionale Forense

Tools for Libraries

The complete catalog of legal and economic publications.

A newsletter service to be updated every month on published books.

Subscriptions with perpetual access to paper and online magazines.

The Digital Library service which allows to browse all the books in the catalog.

Our books

More than 10.000 authors

Giappichelli is the leading legal and economic publishing house in Italy for the university, and an established player in the professional market. Our numbers speak not only of figures, but of a path based on human relationships built over a century of history, with millions of people who have studied on our books, collaborated with us and decided to write the history of the country.

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About us

First-person publishing for 100 years

For five generations, the Giappichelli family has been at the helm of the publishing house and still today the company maintains the intimate and familiar character of its foundation. In every company, people make the difference. Ours is a united and reliable team, consolidated but dynamic, which is not afraid to renew itself and improve itself.

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Book Series

Discover the department series published by Giappichelli and edited by distinguished experts and authors.

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The Giappichelli journals are in-depth periodicals specialized in economic and legal subjects. Only available in both print and digital format.

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